Flour is just flour, right? Wrong!

Doubting Thomas Creamy White Flour has a high protein content that creates chewy, beautifully textured breads.

Did you know all flours aren't created equal?

It's true. If you've ever wondered why your chocolate chip cookies sometimes wind up flat as pancakes while other times they're delightfully chunky and chewy, don't automatically blame the recipe or overly softened butter.

The real culprit could be your flour. Some well-known all-purpose flours are extremely "soft" - meaning they have a lower protein content. If a flour is bleached, chemicals have been added to give it a whiter color, finer grain and even softer texture. 

Our creamy white flour is similar to all-purpose flour in texture, but much better for you, because it still contains the nutrient-rich wheat germ. With its hefty 14-percent protein content and creamy white color, it bakes up into lovely, beautifully textured, creamy-white bread. 

Just as flour has been for thousands of years, our flour is stone-ground. This varies from how most flours are milled today –  in which seeds are alternately run through a series of high-speed steel rollers and sifters, which crack the grain, allowing the endosperm to be separated from the bran and germ. In white flour, only the endosperm is used.

By stone-grinding our flour, we not only preserve the nutritious parts of the kernel, we create a dryer product. This extends the shelf-life without adding preservatives.

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Today's tip: When using our creamy-white flour in a recipe, just remember that, because the germ is still there, the recipe will require either a little more liquid or slightly less flour (about ¼ cup less in a standard recipe). With this slight adjustment, you will find this extraordinary flour bakes beautifully in cakes, muffins and pies. In fact, with its higher protein content, it creates blue-ribbon bread with superb dough strength, elasticity, texture, loaf volume and crumb grain.