Meet Your Farmers – Noreen, Melany and Lee

 A resident of Moorhead, Minnesota, Noreen Thomas is a volunteer educator, producer, and former Bush Fellow whose work in the community is based on the belief that knowledge shared with others can collectively aid in resolving our world's hunger problems.

Since 1997, Noreen and her husband, Lee, have been certified-organic producers, farming 1,200 acres of grains, feed and beans for domestic as well as foreign markets. With the goal of applying the dynamics of new technology and scientific research to enhance sustainable and environmentally sound foods, the Thomases participate in studies with UMAC /Aerospace and the University of Minnesota. As a result, faculty and researchers have a clearer understanding of the effects of organic farming practices on environmental quality as well as how to improve advanced satellite technology modeling to better meet producers’ needs.
Noreen, who holds a bachelor's of science in Food and Nutrition from North Dakota State University, shows her ongoing commitment to agricultural education through the countless volunteer hours she spends working with children and youth on projects throughout Missouri, Minnesota and Montana. She has taught children the Junior Master Gardener program, worked with youth and adults to plan, plant, tend and harvest organic vegetables for local buyers and written agricultural curriculum. 
Noreen also has developed learning tools for New Americans and underserved populations, including visual learners and children and adults with physical and learning disabilities. She is an advocate for agriculture, youth, rural life and a healthier world for all people.
More recently, Noreen has joined forces with her daughter-in-law, Melany (she's the fearless one on the combine below!) in raising and malting oat and barley. These grains are highly sought for local craft brewers and we couldn't be prouder of her dedication to farming and what she's already accomplished in the ag world!
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